6:00 AM on February 12, 2017 the visionary "Equallia Malone was awakened by the Holy Spirit to share with her Dad "Willie Johnson" what she thought was a solution to a problem for another establishment, only to find that the vision was for her. Her Dad then told her how her great-grandfather "Reese Garrett" started a travel group program for his organization in 1958, "Traveling Treasures" but soon had to close the program due to a burdensome situation that was bestowed upon him.

Through the 15 minute conversation she had with her Dad during their phone conversation, was a re-birth of what her great-grandfather started 59 years ago.

With the wisdom of God upon her, Equallia was able to start "The Journey Travel & Tours" with a very low investment. What a blessing! She began building the website,  and in only 12 days, the company was up and running with potential clients already interested in using their services.

The vision yet continues to grow with it being a blessing to her unaware.  Setting the business in order, she discovered that she also needed her own services for what she has been called to do in ministry. Being able to have this service to utilize for her own ministry has opened new doors for Equallia, and has broadened the vision God has entrusted her with. 

The Journey, helping many explore new dimensions!

Her biological mother/Dorothy Jones; father/Willie Johnson, and step-mother/Rachel Johnson assist with the daily operations of

 "The Journey Travel & Tours."